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What You Need to Know About Orthopedic Rehab

An injury, trauma, or surgery may require orthopedic care, but knowing where to look for in-home orthopedic rehabilitation can be stressful. You or your loved one deserve the best orthopedic care plan, and orthopedic rehab is an integral part of that care plan.

When looking for orthopedic care, you want to make sure you find the right team that will bring quality care and service into your home. At MediQuest Staffing & Homecare, we have a team of healthcare professionals who have been serving the Lancaster County community for over 17 years. Not only do we specialize in home care services, but we also want to help educate our clients to best serve their needs.

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Finding Senior Transportation When Family Isn’t an Option

When you’re unable to drive for any reason, temporarily or otherwise, finding ways to get around can be challenging—even in our modern world of rideshare services and accessible mass transit. If you or someone you care about cannot find transportation from a family member at the moment it’s needed, it can be a distressing situation, especially if there’s an emergency.

This is why we offer transport assistance services here at MediQuest. You or your loved one should never have to stress about how you might get urgent medical care, if needed, or even go to the grocery store across town for your weekly restock of household supplies and food.

Have a special family event coming up like a wedding or milestone birthday party? We can help you get there and back again, too.

Today’s post gives you what you need to know about our service offerings for transportation, as well as shows how this way of traveling is much more comfortable and convenient than alternative options in our local Lancaster, PA area.

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