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Finding Senior Transportation When Family Isn’t an Option

When you’re unable to drive for any reason, temporarily or otherwise, finding ways to get around can be challenging—even in our modern world of rideshare services and accessible mass transit. If you or someone you care about cannot find transportation from a family member at the moment it’s needed, it can be a distressing situation, especially if there’s an emergency.

This is why we offer transport assistance services here at MediQuest. You or your loved one should never have to stress about how you might get urgent medical care, if needed, or even go to the grocery store across town for your weekly restock of household supplies and food.

Have a special family event coming up like a wedding or milestone birthday party? We can help you get there and back again, too.

Today’s post gives you what you need to know about our service offerings for transportation, as well as shows how this way of traveling is much more comfortable and convenient than alternative options in our local Lancaster, PA area.

MediQuest Caregiver Transportation Services

Available as a senior transportation service for those who no longer have a driver’s license or as a temporary solution for people of all ages recovering from medical procedures and more, MediQuest’s experienced caregivers can drive you where you need to go. And there are so many benefits to using our service when you do not have friends or family members who can help you with transportation every time you need to run an errand or get to an appointment.


Have you taken mass transit lately? While the bus or even rail service can be an efficient way to travel, it’s somewhat de-personalized. It’s great for moving large numbers of people from place to place, but it is not a flexible transportation option—you’re traveling on the operating company’s terms instead of your own!

When you contract with a professional caregiver—who may already be providing other essential home care services for you or your loved one—you receive the ultimate package in personalized transportation benefits. This is the exact opposite of mass transit.


One of the many services that professional caregivers are used to providing is companionship. But spending time chatting and enjoying a cup of coffee with their clients does not have to happen exclusively in the client’s home.

Your friendly and warm-hearted caregiver will be more than happy to take their time with you “on the road.” In fact, many of our clients find that traveling with a caregiver is better than running around town alone to do errands!

Convenient and Safe

With your permission, your caregiver might drive a vehicle you already own and are most comfortable riding in, which can remove the element of stress when you need to travel to places that aren’t really fun to go to, like a doctor or physical therapy appointment. If you don’t own a car, however, don’t worry—we will match you with a caregiver who has a safe and clean vehicle of their own to transport you in.

Alternative Transport Options

You’re likely familiar with the variety of less private and personalized transportation options available here in Lancaster County and beyond, especially if you have not had a driver’s license for some time. While these services have certain merits, it’s true that none compare to having a caring friend take you where you need to go.

Calling a Cab or Rideshare Service

While it’s convenient to be able to call for a taxi or even reserve an Uber or Lyft ride on your smartphone, these services can get expensive depending on where you’re going and when. They’re also not very personalized since you can’t choose who is going to pick you up or in what vehicle.

Additionally, for those individuals who require handicap accommodations, you may find yourself enduring long wait times for a pickup since not all drivers or cars are set up to help you with your wheelchair or walker, for instance.

Taking the Bus

While catching the bus may be an inexpensive (or free for seniors with the proper ID) option for more localized mass transportation in the Lancaster area, you may have to make your way to a bus stop, which could be impossible if one is not nearby your home. You’ll also have to pay attention to strict schedules or make advance reservations for para-transit to pick you up, making the bus an inconvenient option for many. Plus, some individuals simply don’t feel comfortable riding in a large vehicle with many other people.

Need Friendly and Reliable Transportation Services in South Central PA?

MediQuest Staffing & Homecare is ready to work with you to match a capable and thoroughly vetted professional caregiver to you or your loved one!

Whether you’re looking to venture out more often or simply find a reliable resource willing to run errands and help you maintain your independence in your home as you age, our service offerings make life more convenient and less stressful for you. Give us a call today to learn more.