Medical staff standing in a healthcare facility

How Can a Medical Staffing Agency Help Solve Your Hiring Challenges?

A medical staffing agency can help you solve hiring challenges when you cannot find the right candidates quickly enough to fill your roster. When hiring managers or HR managers of hospitals or healthcare facilities find themselves needing medical staff quickly, they come to us at MediQuest Staffing & Homecare in Lancaster, Pa. We are a valued and respected resource that helps provide experienced and licensed RNs, LPNs, and CNAs to local home care organizations, healthcare facilities, and hospitals.

Keeping Up With Changing Labor Market

In an earlier blog post, we discussed the continued shortage of caregivers as we head into 2020. Healthcare facilities are struggling to receive the right amount of qualified candidates applying to fill their open positions. That is why partnering with a medical staffing agency is crucial to finding the right RNs, LPNs, and CNAs to fill those positions immediately.

Our staffing services provide you with access to qualified healthcare providers who can help staff hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, rehabilitation facilities, and so much more. We also provide medical staffing solutions for specialized units within hospitals.

And, if you’re looking to fill a permanent position, we offer a temp to perm program. Take the stress out of finding permanent candidates by trying them out in your healthcare facility first. We will help place the perfect healthcare provider with your team!

Providing Expert Advice on Potential Hires

You are partnering with years of industry experience when you work with a medical staffing agency. Because of this experience, staffing agencies know what qualities to look for in a candidate. They work with the evolving healthcare industry and plan for your potential future needs.

This industry experience also means a medical staffing agency can provide you with expert advice on potential new hires. At MediQuest, we have a robust hiring process. As such, you can feel confident that our staff recommendations are the most qualified candidates. We conduct in-person interviews, background checks, license and certification validation, and more. Most of all, we remove the stress from hiring, bringing the right team member to your staff at the right time.

Create a Partnership with a Trusted Medical Staffing Agency

With the changing labor market, partnering with a trusted medical staffing agency can alleviate your hiring headaches. By letting a staffing agency worry about how to provide medical staffing solutions for your facility, you open up your time to focus on patient care. Plus, having a positive relationship with a medical staffing agency means you will always have access to qualified medical staff.  

For years, MediQuest has been a trusted partner for many medical facilities in Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. We have achieved this by always working to create a win-win situation for our employees, patients, and partners.

Want to Learn How We Can Provide Medical Staffing Solutions?

Our team of healthcare professionals has been serving the needs of patients for more than 17 years. As a trusted medical staffing agency, we at MediQuest believe in providing a personal touch unmatched by national healthcare franchises. Are you a hiring manager or HR manager at a healthcare facility that needs medical staffing solutions? Contact us to discover how we can provide the highly qualified medical staff you need!