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What to Know About Different Home Care Services You Can Choose

Are you currently caring for a family member or loved one with increasing care needs? It may feel overwhelming at times, especially if you—like many family caregivers—wear multiple other hats in your daily life, like full-time employee, homeowner, parent, grandparent, etc.

You wish you had more time to dedicate to your loved one’s needs, but there are only so many hours in the day. Here at MediQuest Staffing and Homecare, we deeply understand this. You need help. And the good news is, home care services can provide the support you require with a variety of options to improve your and your loved one’s unique lives.

Today’s post introduces some of the most helpful home care offerings you may not have yet discovered, especially if you’ve just begun the caregiving journey. We’ll also answer a few of the big questions you likely have on your mind about home care.

Why Choose Home Care?

In short, choosing home care allows your loved one to remain in the comfort of their own home while receiving healthcare and other vital services instead of moving to an unfamiliar elder care or retirement facility. Often, these facilities are financially out of reach, as well, and home care is typically a more affordable alternative.

In an earlier blog post, we shared results from an AARP study that found 87% of adults aged 65 or older wanting to remain in their current home or community as they age. Indeed, moving is stressful, even for younger people without care concerns—being able to avoid this stress can be life-enhancing—or even lifesaving—for many, but only if their health and wellness needs are being met where they are.

Home care agencies like MediQuest provide so many service options to meet these needs, all offered by compassionate professionals who are qualified, certified/licensed, background checked, bonded, and insured. Which services will you choose?

Popular Home Care Services

For most, home care involves healthcare services, which can be provided by RNs and LPNs. However, some individuals just need help with activities of daily living (ADLs) or are looking for someone to spend time with them to ease loneliness, help with errands, or prepare meals.

These are some of our most requested services.

Post-surgical care

The healing process following a surgical procedure is unknown territory to a lot of people. Whether pre-planned or the result of an emergency, surgery brings with it sometimes months of recuperation, which should not be rushed. Yet, countless individuals don’t take the appropriate actions when healing because they do not have assistance around the house.

Professional caregivers will assure that healing is on track so that you don’t wind up back in the hospital following surgery, and they can also help with housework and chores, which eases worry.


As we’ve talked about here on the blog many times, loneliness among senior individuals who are somewhat homebound can actually be detrimental to physical health. Professional caregivers provide companion services to promote overall wellness or even to help with travel and significant family events.

Caregivers often become true friends of their valued clients as regular visitors to their homes, and these relationships are generally treasured by both parties—our testimonials speak to this!

Respite care

You may not like to admit it, but if you’ve been providing unpaid caregiving help to a loved one, you’ve likely felt sad, stressed, or even totally burned out at times. These negative emotions are not good for you or for your relationship with the person you’re caring for. This is why respite care exists as a home care offering.

Respite care provides short or long-term relief of your caregiving duties to allow you to rest and recharge. It promotes self-care and can actually make you a better family caregiver through the support of your work and efforts. It can be very refreshing to know that you’re not alone in the work you’re doing, and respite care is exceptionally flexible. Rely on it as much or as little as you want.

Home hospice care

While we don’t like to think about the end of life, this delicate time can require skilled help to navigate for both patient and family. In recent years, hospice care centers have been expanding and certainly offer excellent services. But what about those individuals who would prefer to pass at home? Studies have found that this may actually be the majority of people, but only about 20% of Americans today can have this final wish fulfilled. Home hospice care is seeking to help balance those numbers.

Many patients actually live longer than expected and are happier in their remaining time when they are under the compassionate care of hospice. Bringing this extraordinary level of care into patients’ homes simply adds an extra layer of comfort.

Who is Home Care for?

As we’ve shown in today’s post, home care is for individuals who need help with ADLs or health issues at home. But it is also for the unpaid family caregivers who wish they had more hours in every day to meet their daily personal responsibilities in addition to helping out their loved ones.

It’s true that home care was, until very recently, considered a luxury service only available to the wealthy. With the extreme cost increases associated with retirement community and nursing facility-based care, however, home care is beginning to emerge as a bona fide need for people across the socioeconomic spectrum in the USA and elsewhere. It’s true that home care is now essentially for everyone.

How do I pay for Home Care Services?

While home care services, like facility-based care services, used to be primarily private pay (meaning, you paid out of your own pocket), there are more payment options emerging today. Here at MediQuest, we can bill your long term care insurance plan, for instance. And while we do not participate with Medicare, you may be able to receive reimbursements for home care costs through many Medicare Advantage programs as a supplemental benefit.

No matter how you pay, it is important to remember that when you obtain services through a professional agency like MediQuest, there is no exchange of money between you and your caregiver. We handle all invoicing and payroll matters, and you won’t need to worry about compensation issues with your caregiver.

MediQuest Staffing is Here to Answer Your Home Care Questions

Are you new to the world of home care options and feeling overwhelmed as you navigate your choices? We know that finding a trusted caregiving resource to either take over for you or to supplement your family caregiving work can be emotionally taxing, as well as confusing.

We invite you to give us a call with your questions. Our professional and caring team here at MediQuest Staffing and Homecare is happy to help you determine your home care needs and design a flexible schedule that fits your life.