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What You Need to Know About Orthopedic Rehab

An injury, trauma, or surgery may require orthopedic care, but knowing where to look for in-home orthopedic rehabilitation can be stressful. You or your loved one deserve the best orthopedic care plan, and orthopedic rehab is an integral part of that care plan.

When looking for orthopedic care, you want to make sure you find the right team that will bring quality care and service into your home. At MediQuest Staffing & Homecare, we have a team of healthcare professionals who have been serving the Lancaster County community for over 17 years. Not only do we specialize in home care services, but we also want to help educate our clients to best serve their needs.

What is Orthopedic Rehab?

Orthopedic rehabilitation specializes in supporting and rehabilitating the orthopedic system. This system includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments that connect your bones and joints to help you move. Any injury to this system can limit mobility and make life difficult to enjoy.

During an orthopedic rehabilitation program, a physical therapist will work with a patient to help them regain mobility, strength, and function after illness or injury, and before or after surgery. An orthopedic rehab program can also be used to try and eliminate future surgeries or injuries.

What Can Orthopedic Rehabilitation Treat?

Injuries to the orthopedic system are more common than you think. Orthopedic rehab treats conditions like tendonitis, injuries such as fractures or sprains, trauma from falls or accidents, and post-surgery conditions. Orthopedic injuries can also stem from everyday tasks like bending and lifting heavy objects.

Consistent pain in your shoulders, hips, back, hands, and knees could be a sign that you have an injury or strain that may benefit from physical therapy. Rehabilitation and physical therapy can treat minor injuries and prevent them from becoming a more significant issue.

What Does Orthopedic Rehab Include?

A physical therapist or occupational therapist will work with a patient to help overcome mobility issues and create a plan for the future. A physical therapist focuses the patient on regaining overall mobility, strength, and function in the affected areas. An occupational therapist will work specifically with patients who have mobility issues and need help with everyday tasks like getting dressed or cooking.

Every patient gets a tailored rehabilitation program, but most rehabilitation programs include comparable activities. Exercise and movement are crucial when recovering from an injury or surgery. Your physical therapist will create a specific plan that includes exercises and therapeutic modalities to decrease swelling and pain, and to increase flexibility and blood flow.

Exercise and movement are often the most critical activity in a rehabilitation program, but other therapy techniques include soft tissue massages, manual help in moving stiff joints, and assistive devices. Soft tissue massages and manual movement of stiff or underused joints help to stimulate blood flow. Assistive devices such as walkers, braces, or canes can improve mobility during physical therapy and can be prescribed long-term to prevent further injury or strain.

What are Common Surgeries That Would Require Orthopedic Rehab?

The most common orthopedic surgeries that require rehab are joint replacements. Having a hip or knee replaced will require physical therapy to help acclimate the new joint. Without orthopedic rehab, joint replacements can be painful, ineffective, and cause issues down the road.

Surgeries to repair ligaments, fractures, and spinal injuries need orthopedic rehab to prevent further injury as well. Physical therapy is important when you have surgery on any part of your body that is responsible for movement.

What Should I Look for When Finding an Orthopedic Therapist?

The orthopedic therapist you choose for yourself or your loved one should be a good match in both skill and personality. Physical therapy is not an easy process for the patient, and having trust in their orthopedic therapist will help make the process easier.

Orthopedic injuries can happen anywhere on the body, and you want to make sure the physical therapist you choose is equipped for your specific injury or post-surgery needs. If you’re not sure where to start, ask your doctor for a referral or reach out to local agencies that offer orthopedic care to find out their specialties. 

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MediQuest Staffing & Homecare is equipped to be the best match for your rehabilitation needs in collaboration with your orthopedic therapists. Our nursing supervisor can spend time with you to discuss the specific care that you or a loved one needs and work with you to create a specialized care plan. MediQuest provides high-quality, in-home service and care for your loved ones in the Lancaster, Pa. area.

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