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Testimonials About Our Nursing Recuitment Agency

Thank you for all you did for my mother, Betty, and for all you do for others. Thoughtfully,


Thank you for your help and consideration these past weeks. J is mending slowly, but it was the attention he received when he came home that made the difference. The doctor was happy knowing we had your help. Thank J, N, L and everyone there for us. Sincerely,

J & J

I wanted to thank you for the many years that you took care of my mother at her home. She absolutely adored you as a person and completely trusted you as a nurse. She stayed in her home until she was 90 years old because of the great care you provided her. You really made a difference in her life.

AH, daughter

To everyone at MediQuest Staffing, Thank you for your wonderful service. All of your nurses were very professional and kind. We appreciated your help in a very difficult time. We will keep you in mind for further use and recommend your company to others!

G & A

It was a comfort to know that she had someone looking after her all the time and she certainly enjoyed the good company! Your gals do a special job that makes things less difficult for families. Thanks for the angels.

The R girls

K and I are so grateful for the loving care you provided to Uncle S. Mostly, how your staff was able to accept him for who he was, all the many varied aspects of his personality... special thanks to Lesley for handling every emergency with grace and professionalism and always being there. Special, special thanks to T for just being who she is, loving, caring, funny and always professional.

J & K

The time that we needed care for Aunt M. was relatively short, but I do thank you for the ladies that MediQuest provided to care for her. I especially appreciate that M. had consistent morning care from N. She did an excellent job. She was very knowledgeable, kind & caring, and a good advocate for M’s best interests.


How was I blessed to find friends like you? Through this - the worse experience and pain in my lifetime, I was surrounded by comfort and caring. I will never forget the feeling, knowing you were there for us. I will keep in touch and I hope you will do the same. Thank you just doesn't seem enough. Bless my 3 musketeers!


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